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Industrial installations

The service of A&P Industriemontage

Our installations and services are individually tailored to your needs and go beyond the simply maintenance. Our services include the dismantling and installation of production equipment, the installation and commissioning of new plants, as well as packaging, logistics, transport and cargo handling.

We provide services costumized to our clients company. We execute your orders on time and flexible to the needs of our clients. Besides our routine work like maintenance and the replacement of worn out parts, we also perform with plant constructions. The implementation and relocation of machines is also part of our services.

We know how important quality is. Therefore, our employees support you in implementing the ordinance on industrial safety. This regulation presupposes for manufacturing companies some tests and inspections that may be carried out by our qualified employees. With the help of our maintenance we prevent production losses, because early detection of worn out parts is necessary for the preservation of your equipment and plants.

A reliable partner for industrial assembly

One reason for the satisfaction of our customers, is the professional execution of orders by our reliable staff. They support the “A&P Industriemontage during the implementation and planning. We fall back on their many years of extensive experience when it comes to renovation work, repairs or relocation. The dismantling, assembly and maintenance of machinery and equipment is also part of our business activities.

Our references speak for us! Let us convince you. Among our reference companies is the Daimler AG, where we have rebuilt and installed a variety of conveyor systems. In the factory in Esslingen am Neckar of the Panasonic GmbH we have established a 24 hour service for the whole plant system with a circumference of 11 kilometers.

Your satisfaction is our aim

Reduce your costs by avoiding outages by proper maintenance. Increase your quality through training in your company. Become more flexible, give free resources and decrease production bottlenecks. With our range of services tailored to your needs, you can increase your productivity. We provide a consistent and reliable implementation of your orders. Whether in the context of complete assemblies or service contracts, “A&P Industriemontage” provides solutions tailored to your needs. Have a talk with us. In our locations in Dortmund and Wernau we offer you good advice and service with quality, for smooth operations.

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