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Machine implementation

With A&P Industriemontage to successful machine relocation

When production facilities move, the machines also need to move. Moving a production facility is very complex. It requires a lot of experience, careful planning and a punctual and professional implementation. Only in this way your equipment arrives properly at the new location.

Equipment relocations are our specialty

In order to implement a machine special tools and skills are required. Therefore we use also cranes and lifting equipment to move your machine to the desired place of production. A forklift is usually not sufficient, because the system we move, is often extremely heavy. Dismantling the production facility is therefore essential and should only be carried out by appropriate persons. Visiting your production facility in advance and an extensive counseling is very important to provide you with qualified staff. Tailored to your needs, the implementation of the machine relocation is exactly planned from the beginning to end.

The “A&P Industriemontage” takes care of the professional machine implementation. For this, the dismantling of the production facility is being prepared and finally executed. Afterwards we move the system to the new location. We also organize the transport of the machinery. Once arrived at the new production sit, the plant will be rebuilt and put into operation. If desired, we obtain the training of the operators of the machine.

Your service provider for industrial installations

Have you bought a production facility by another company, or sold one of your installations? Then the question appears how to transport the machine. We advise you individually about how your order will be fulfilled and what is required for the relocation. As part of this, a maintenance of your system is useful. By the maintenance of the components which can wear out, the resulting production outages by defective equipment can be prevented. The servicing and maintenance is part of our services.

Our services are always based on the accident prevention regulations. We check all the electronic systems and equipment. Remember to regularly check your electrical blank. In this case you obtain the value of your production equipment.

Our professionals are qualified and have years of experience on your application areas. This allows us to work always on time and reliable. You have your staff into the machine locally and perform security briefings by. So we make sure that we are the converted machines also operated correctly.

Our one-stop service

Entrust us with the movement of your machine. The advantage is that you get the whole package from a single source. For further information please contact the staff of the “A&P Industriemontage”. Arrange an appointment with us and get an overview of the extensive services offered by “A&P Industriemontage”. In our factories in Dortmund and Wernau, we are always there for you. Competent, goal-oriented and on schedule!

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