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A & P Industriemontage was founded in 2004 with headquarters in Wernau and operates an assembly and service company with the areas of repair, conversion, relocation, disassembly, assembly and maintenance of machinery and plants. The A&P team consists of a permanent workforce composed of skilled workers in the metal industry.

A&P has years of experience in the field of industrial assembly. You can benefit from our expertise. We are in-house in every industry: From the automotive industry via food production to heavy industry, we know our way around. We offer you professional support, both on a technical and personal level. Our core competencies include electrical engineering, plant assembly and disassembly, as well as machine relocation or machine conversion.

In the case of personnel bottlenecks, we provide qualified  Assembly personnel for bridging capacity bottlenecks. Of course, our employees have their tools with them. We offer this service because we know it very well: Any delay costs money on construction sites. No one can afford – even short – waiting times.

Time is money, this is especially the case with a Machine conversion. Here every action has to be planned and carried out meticulously. In addition to special tools, a lot of practical experience is needed to relocate a machine. We also use cranes and lifting plants from our machinery pool to bring the machine safely and precisely to its destination.

Since the plants are usually several tons heavy, regular lifting tools are usually not enough. The implementation should therefore only be carried out by specially trained personnel. Of course, to enable perfect planning, we will visit your production site in advance and give you in-depth advice. This allows us to plan and implement your machine conversion from start to finish.

In many cases it makes sense to maintain your system as part of a machine conversion. By checking and maintaining the machine components, wear and tear can be preventively obviated and production losses due to defective machines can be prevented. Maintenance and servicing are part of our service package.

Of course, all services are carried out taking into account the accident prevention regulations. In the course of this, we check all electronic plants and resources. A regular review of electrical engineering ensures the value of your production facilities.

Our experience speaks for itself: Take a look at our extensive reference list with customers from all over the world.

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Dummy Projekt
Dummy Projekt

Maschine relocation in Germany

Steyer BMW Austria
Steyer BMW Austria

Industrial plant construction in Austria

Omega UK
Omega UK

Portal installation in the UK

Daimler Untertürkheim
Daimler Untertürkheim

New installation of an industrial plant for the Automotive Industry

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